On hazing and why strong organizations don’t need it…

In social Psych. today, I learned a little more about the Cognitive Dissonance Theory and how it relates to hazing. One aspect of the theory is that when people face strong dissonance from hazing they will reduce it by coming to value that which they have suffered/been humiliated for. 

This means that people will love their org. (if they were hazed) just because they need to justify all of the humiliation/suffering that they went through and not because they love the organization and its values. The greater the dissonance they feel because of the hazing they’ve undergone the more they will love your organization. That means that the weaker or less valuable and organization is the more a members love for it will come only from the simple fact that they were hazed. 

Part of being a strong organization is to give your members the freedom to choose to respect and love your org or not. 

Rule of thumb, if you actually have something to offer through your organization then there is no need to haze for someone to respect your organization’s values. 

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